Brownies Canapes in a BOX

Brownies Canapes in a BOX

Taste as good as it looks. Moist. Dense. Chocolately. Top with Choc Ganache with Walnut roasted to perfection. Precious in every bite. 

Our famous chocolate cake is moist, rich, luscious and made from the finest Belgium chocolate- these qualities accepted by any dessert diner and more easily attacked by any nearby fork or finger.

    Our Cakes are ‘Cake-sationally’ Innovative & ‘Cake-sationally Intriguing!

    Cakeinspiration’s Belgium Chocolate Cake made its debut a couple of months ago and we are very pleased to say that it was very well received by our consumers, with more than of 3,000 cakes purchases and over 280 reviews.


    A textural hardened chocolate surface shows streak after streak of the master baker's work while a bite into its full-bodied character makes the next bite a second away.This is pure chcolate indulgence. The bite begins with a smooth chocolate coating followed by layers of chocolate mud cake and dark ganache topped with vanilla macaron - also edible.





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