D24 Durian cake (best seller)

D24 Durian cake (best seller)

Size: 6 inch / 8 inch round


D24  Durian Mousse Cake made its debut 2013 ago and we are very pleased to say that it was very well received by our consumers, with a staggering number of 3,000 cakes sold over a period of just three months.     

With such a heartening encouragement, and in line with our undying and constant quest to give this Durian classic, a modern taste-bud twist & surprise, in order to raise it to new patisseries height.

Our  Durian Mousse Cake is made from the finest D24 durians and taste-bud heaven French Vanilla Sponge,baked by our in-house baking chefs/ pâtissiers

The Durian Mousse Cake is beautifully crafted and elegantly presented with modern French-style baking techniques to further excite and elevate your taste buds.  

The D24 Durian is carefully blended with the best French Vanilla Sponge,with layers of rich, smooth and finely handmade Durian Mousse.Each layer of sponge is finely brushed with syrup prepared by our French Baking Chefs.

The light-as-air texture is easy on the palate, and rest assured, for the durian fanatics, the authentic taste of “D24” is preserved to give you a mix of sweet, creamy and a just-right bitter aftertaste.Every bite is filled with rich creamy durian pulp –The combination of the fruit & cake assure Durian Heaven!

We are confident that with the finest combination of an exotic concoction (of a great blend of the East & West), Our Durian Mousse Cake will be a hit with the (generally) picky Singaporean-Durian consumers & possibly a potential one for ‘non-convertors’.




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