Opera cake - top of the range premium french choc cake

Size : 8 Inch Square Cake

Weighs : 1.2 kg

OPERA. This is the premium cake from our chocolate series - it has been a long lineage of best choc cake in French Pastry culture. We are so proud presenting this recipe and creation.

“L’Opera” is said to have made its grand debut in the early 1900s in Paris at the Exposition Culinaire. It was introduced by Louis Clichy, which is why the cake may refer to as Gateau Clicky. It wasn’t until many years later, when Parisian patisserie Dalloyau reintroduced the cake as “L’Opera,” (after the Paris Grand Opera), that it became immortal.

Baldacci’s description says, “The name makes sense, as the cake is compromised of several layers, similar to ‘acts’ in an operatic presentation.

Cake inspiration Opera torte, like its namesake, is a deeply layered, intricate—and huge time commitment.  Our classic torte is made of multiple alternating layers of light sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, crunchy feuilletine, expresso-flavoured butter cream and premium chocolate ganache; decorated with handcrafted chocolate thin sheet and finished with gold chocolate balls, it’s certainly not a light dessert, but when done well, it is indeed a delicious one.

Cake inspiration opera cake is ultimately tasted crazy-delicious simply on its own and perfect with a cup of strong coffee.




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