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Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese

Light, fluffly and absolutely delicious. Cakeinspiration would love to present to you our steam cheesecake. The steam cheesecake is light and airy, thanks to the lofty whipped egg whites folded into the batter. Unlike traditional cheesecakes, steam cheesecakes tend to have an eggier flavour and a softer bite, a treat that is more familiar to our Asian tastebuds. For a limited time only, our steam cheesecake will be a lovely addition to your mother’s day reunion meal this year as it is low-carb, refreshing and also a healthier choice among sweet treats. It is now available in two fruity flavours; mango and mixed berries. Our steam cheesecakes will be topped off with some cold Chantilly cream, huge chunks of delicious fruits and decorated with beautiful edible flowers (flowers in photos are for reference only. Breed/colour of flowers are subjected to availability). Check our Mother's Day Collection here:

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