Mother's Day 2021 -  Special Bundle B

Mother's Day 2021 - Special Bundle B

Special Mother's Day Bundle Inclusion:

  • Cakes In A Cup - 4 pcs

Chocolate - A speculoos-chocolatey combination. Rich chocolate mousse, velvety                buttercream with a drizzle of caramel and a speculoos cookie to finish it off.

Oreo - a bundle of fun! A classic flavour of cookies and cream and a pretzel to unleash your inner child! Cookies and cream mousse cup with cookie crumbs at the bottom to make sure you get that flavour.

Mango - Mango and peach, the ultimate combination for a refreshing dessert. This cup is constructed with mango pudding and topped with delightful peaches.

Original - panna cotta, a classic Italian dessert, served together with frozen figs and seasonal fruit.

  • Profiteroles - 2 pcs
  • Macarons - 2 pcs 
  • Milky Strawberry Swiss Roll - 1 pc

chantilly cream with milk jelly wrapped in delightful milk chiffon cake. This little treat will bring back memories of the memorable childhood rabbit milk candies. Strawberry slices to garnish the top and unsure a balance flavour.

  • Assorted Cookies - 3 pcs

Crispy and chewy all in one big cookie. Available in 3 flavours, double chocolate cookies, peanut butter and oats and raisin.

  • Assorted Banana Sugee Cake - 2 pcs
  • Random Bottled Brewed Tea (500ml) - 2 pcs
  • Fruit Tea - 2 pcs

How to Redeem :

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 For Delivery Service :

  •  Delivery service will be daily 10am to 4pm, 2 hr delivery time window.
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