Matcha Boba Milk Tea Cake

Matcha Boba Milk Tea Cake

Size: 6 inch 10 cm tall


Cake Option ( please read berofe ordering )


  • Pre-mix ( ready to eat ) cake - this cake will be prepared in made-to-order basis. Topped cream and pearls will be placed on the cake, best to consume within 2 hrs from collection.


  • Cake + Do-it-yourself Kit - your order will be seperatly pack neatly together. DIY Kit includes -- Cake, Topped cream of your choice flavor and Boba pearls. Have your cake best with a surprise! Enjoy! 

Using the same red tea-infused chiffon cake base, this one was topped off with a mildly flavoured Matcha Milk Tea cream. For fans of matcha, this cake is worth a try! The matcha flavour paired well with the milky-ness of the cream and didn’t overpower each other. If you want a taste of green tea without the powdery bitterness that its usually associated with, give this cake a try. I feel that this lightly flavoured Matcha Milk Tea Boba cake will be adored by children as well! 

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