Malteser Greek Cheesecake

Malteser Greek Cheesecake

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Don’t know what to serve as a dessert or what cake to get for a special occasion?If you are a coffee lover, and the aroma of coffee and the word, cheese makes your knees weak, look no further……nothing could be better than a Malteser’s rich and creamy cheesecake,that sits in a gourmet coffee crust, topped with the finest dark chocolate panache, melted buttery and salted caramel sauce…guaranteed to be a perfect dining centerpiece and more so,an unique mouth-watering ‘cake-sation’ experience after a delectable meal, the Malteser smooth and silky rich cheesecake is combined with Malteser choc-balls:  of specially confectionery spherical malt honeycomb center, coated with mouth-watering & fine quality milk chocolate.

Malteser Greek Cheesecake is Tastebud Heaven! 
‘Cake-For-Thought’: Some Cheesecake Facts!

Many a times, the cheesecake has the unfortunate reputation of being ‘too-rich’ for one’s taste buds and sometimes even as being something quite ordinary. 
Often, misconstrued to have originated from New York, USA, its humble beginnings dated back some 4,000 years ago on the Greek Island of Samos. 
Over the years, the infamous cheesecake has undergone much modification, with many updated twists in terms of flavors and varied ingredients; making its way from dessert menus of pubs and chain restaurants, 
to the menus of many fine dining establishments to date. 
…at Cakeinspiration, we have given the classic a new twist… 
Creating A Piece of Cheesecake History!

Our unique and gourmet Malteser Greek Cheesecake is the brainchild of 
2 of Cakeinspiration’s in-house pâtissier (pastry chefs) who work tirelessly in our classic brigade de cuisine - a professional kitchen, skilled and well-equipped in baking pastries, desserts, breads and other baked goods - 
to give the classic, a modern taste-bud twist and raise it to new patisseries height. 
This crowd-pleasing cake delivers a treat, visually and gastronomically – 
 the Malteser smooth and silky rich cheesecake is combined with Malteser choc-balls:  of specially confectionary spherical malt honeycomb center, 
coated with mouth-watering & fine quality milk chocolate




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