J'adore Strawberry Chocolate Cake

J'adore Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Weight : 750 gm 

Size : 6 inch round 

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another.”-Thomas Merton –

Cakeinspiration will do our little part to help you get one step closer to finding love with your other….…So, for this Valentine’s Day, Say It With More Than A Kiss…. 

‘Chocolate Decadence’: ‘Chocolately Divine’ Melt the Hearts of your Loved Ones, with our specially crafted French Belgium Chocolate Strawberry Cake. It is a truly a chocolate lover’s dream! Our French Belgium Chocolate Strawberry Cake is a three-layered dark chocolate sponge cake, filled with layers of rich chocolate coated with a layer of rich Belgium ganache on the exterior. The Strawberry Chantilly Cream fillings within, are also guaranteed to send tingling sensation down not just to your sweethearts’ spines, but also to their taste-buds . It is chocolate we’re talking about, after all –so, the cake is bound to also send flutters to your loved one’s hearts!

 “Sealed It With Hearts!” Valentine’s Day, in our books, will be quite complete without the lovingly crafted heart-shaped candy atop the French Belgium Chocolate Strawberry Cake.To complete the entire package, our talented team of cake-artists & Patissiers, have specially hand made & ‘painted’ these heart-shaped chocolates, that are beautifully lined atop the cake.‘How To Order’: “Chocolate Can Move Mountains!”…and in this case, we are confident to say that our French Belgium Chocolate Strawberry Cake will be able to move the Hearts of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

 ‘Standing Lovingly’ at a height of 15cm, the cake is about 12cm (or 6 inch) in diameter at a Valentine’s Day Offer 

 All our recipes are taste-tested and made from scratch each day so you can enjoy our cakes that come out freshly baked from the ovens daily! At Cakeinspiration, we are fully committed to bring premium, innovative,exciting & quality cakes to you!  As with all good things, the offer is a limited edition.  “All you need is love… But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!”- Charles M. Schulz -




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