(HB14) Sweet Daisy Cake - 6inch

(HB14) Sweet Daisy Cake - 6inch

Size: 6inch round 10cm


This design will be primarily made of chiffon/sponge + freshcream/buttercream. Group styling is based on selected design as seen.

Additional charge of $10 for Matcha + Red Bean

Lead time : Minimum 1 day (Chocolate,Vanilla & Earl Grey), 2 days (Matcha) to expedite or ex-stock check with seller. 


- Customer can pick the design of cake tag included in Happy Birthday Cake Tag option (may not be same design subject to availability).


** disclaimer. all reference of artwork by artist imagination and is manually crafted, there is no intent to impersonate any known or unknown characters or products.

Size & Serving Recommendations 

  • We offer the size based on design requirements 

  • would suggest the following size and serving portion 

  • 6 inch round 10 cm >  6-8 pax 



Light freshcream with Fruit cocktail ( reduced sugar ). In effort to provide our dear customer with a healthier choice , we offer for this design a fresh cream combined with fruit cocktail giving a refreshing taste . The buttercream will be replaced with fresh cream to reduce sweetness, perfect for everyone looking for an exceptional cake in a healthier way. 

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