Carrot Walnut Caramel Cheesecake

Carrot Walnut Caramel Cheesecake

WEIGHT : 1.2 kg 

SIZE : 6 inch round 10 cm tall

Dense carrot cake with Cream Cheese and Roasted Walnut


In their younger years, children are often told by parents to eat their vegetables. Leafy greens are not always the top choice for youngsters but CakeInspiration is a testament that carrots can be eaten as a dessert option for children and children-by-heart.  
Moist, rich, luscious and made from premium ingredients - these qualities are easily accepted by any dessert diner and more easily attacked by any nearby fork or finger. The master baker's work of edible art comes as a 6 inch diameter cake complete with layers and layers of tangy, sweet cream cheese, complete with a dense, rich, rustic, walnut-studded, and carrot-flecked cake. The cake is enticingly pleasing to the eye and extremely flavourful as well, yet remains light on the palate so tendencies to reach for a second slice are high. It’s a sinful confection that no one can say no to. 

Our carrot cake is specialty design and prepare from our team of Gourmet chef using the best of ingredients in French baking methodology . 

Our carrot had been proven and supported by many loyal customers for the wholesome and rich taste .




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