Boba Milk Tea Cake

Boba Milk Tea Cake

Size: 6 inch 10 cm tall


Cake Option ( please read berofe ordering )


  • Pre-mix ( ready to eat ) cake - this cake will be prepared in made-to-order basis. Topped cream and pearls will be placed on the cake, best to consume within 2 hrs from collection.


  • Cake + Do-it-yourself Kit - your order will be seperatly pack neatly together. DIY Kit includes -- Cake, Topped cream of your choice flavor and Boba pearls. Have your cake best with a surprise! Enjoy! 

With a soft and jiggly chiffon cake, topped off with a thick slab of smooth Milk Tea cream, this is the epitome of a classic bubble milk tea transformed into a cake.I’m sure you would be curious as to how the cake tastes like! Starting from the top, the Milk Tea cream had a delicate milky flavour to it, and I could taste the combination of tea in it as well. This cake leans towards the sweeter side and I would recommend it if you have a sweet tooth and you like to drink milk tea on the daily!

As for the chiffon cake itself, red tea is infused into it and it had an overall mild flavour to it. The Milk Tea cream is the one you’ll taste the most when eating this cake, which I like to say is a creamy version of the usual milk tea. Completing the Milk Tea Boba cake are the toppings, of course! The tapioca pearls were super chewy, yet not mushy, and carried a hint of brown sugar. 

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