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Bailey's Irish Cream Mousse cake deluxe

Bailey's Irish Cream Mousse Cake Deluxe ( New -With condensed Bailey's for the real punch )

Weight : 1.1 Kg 

Size : 8 Inch round 

A Cake Dads Never Slip By ...... Our Cakes are ‘Cake-sationally’ Innovative & ‘Cake-sationally Intriguing!  Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Bailey’s Irish Cream Lover! ~ Cakeinspiration will be serving liqueur! …and we will be elevating your taste buds to unimaginable new heights with our latest addition!  

Bailey's Irish Cream, a unique Irish liqueur, blended from a mix of cream, sugar, cocoa & the finest Irish spirits, has become the best known whiskey & cream drink that resulted in great popularity all around the world since its emergence in 1974. 


It has also become a popular ingredient for chefs to experiment and to produce new and exciting desserts, with a creative twist to amuse their customers. 

The smooth, creamy liqueur  - turned into a layered cream cheese, with an Oreo base, combined with the finest chocolate cream cheese - will give the celebrated cheesecake

a new wow factor. 

Topped with the finest dark chocolate ganache macaroons,our Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake is guaranteed to be deliciously luxurious & scrumptious – an utter indulgence!  Can you resist a perfectly luscious cheesecake accompanied by creamy, Irish Cream spiked deliciousness?  Every bite is mind-blowing & deliciously luxurious. An unadulterated & not overly-powering liqueur-infused Cheesecake,  that will win the plaudits of the skeptical critics. In line with our unceasing spirit of constantly challenging boundaries to create new recipes with the aim to elevate the taste buds of our customers, Cakeinspiration is excited to introduce our latest addition of Bailey’s Irish Cream Mousse cake




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